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Why Lawo?

With the majority of fashion apps focused on shopping, the Lawo team was intent on creating a social app that is first and foremost focused on providing a platform for users to obtain reliable and useful feedback in their seemingly never-ending quest to become more fashionable.

Lawo is a genuine, non-commercial, social platform that is keenly focused on helping its users attain greater self-confidence through fashion enabling them to more easily realize and maximize their potential in life. Lawo provides its users with a way to define who they are, to re-define who they can and want to be, and to ultimately reveal a confident new self to the rest of the world.

Lawo is an easy-to-use social fashion app
The app itself has been painstakingly designed to fit this purpose, with specific focus on creating value for users and partners alike, high app speed and response, a clean and simple international design, and intuitive, easy-to-use features and functions.
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    Register via Wechat, QQ, Weibo, or Mobile Phone Number.

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    Post Photos

    Upload photos, add hashtags, browse other user photos, follow and make new friends and fans.

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    Fashion Advice

    Browse through your list of fans and followers along with fashion pros and celebrities to solicit fashion advice, outfit recommendations, and even shopping assistance.

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    Fashion Blogs

    Read professional fashion blogs and news from the USA, France, Italy, Singapore as well as from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


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Ordinary individuals have the potential to become a real star.

Invited users determined by in-app rankings can become Lawo fashion pros, which allows them to open a real business, become successful, and even famous.

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